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IFC Financial Services LLP

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You may be here for a number of reasons

  • You are interest in finding a finance solution for your business
  • You are looking to change you finance providers
  • You are interested to know a little bit more about business finance.
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Congratulations You have Come to the Right place

Whatever your reason Paul and David are here to take out the uncertainty and provide knowledge and advice that will help you make the right decision for your business. 

Our areas of expertise are: 
  • Invoice Fiance, 
  • Trade Finance, 
  • Asset Finance, 
  • Credit Control. 
We also have access to other important areas such as Capital Gains Tax Specialists who can save your business £1000s or Credit Insurance specialists.

We will put you in contact with the financiers we know and trust, 90% of our clients stay with our recommended Financier once they have signed. 
We know finance is boring, perhaps a chore but it is also a necessity if you want your business to succeed.  

We have a combined 35 years of experience in the Invoice Finance Industry growing through the ranks and reaching senior management and Directorship level. Ultimately successfully running our own operations. The hands on knowledge gained is what we can offer you.

We understand the tricks of the trade and guide you through and help you understand the legal agreements and any jargon that will get thrown at you. 

We also run a successful Education and support service specifically for clients in this industry through our sister company Factor Assist Ltd. Through this company we offer great aftercare and support too. This service is unique in the industry, supplied by people who really care.

Please feel free to contact us on;

020 8313 3696

or email

althernatively please complete the form below and we will call you back


Factor Assist Ltd

Education and support for clients that use Invoice Finance

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