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David Stuckey

I have been involved in Factoring and Invoice Discounting industry for over 26 years. Starting off at RBS Invoice Finance, moving to Venture, Five Arrows and Bibby's before taking Directorship at DCD Factors Plc, Warrenby Ltd and DCD Finance. I started as a credit controller and quickly worked my way up to client management before taking up senior management and Directorship positions. 

Operations has always been my forte. I have set up systems and procedures for three companies, working closely with Lawyers on both litigation and formulating legal documentation. 

I achieved the diploma in Factoring 20 years ago and have studies this industry ever since. I have covered all aspects of this industry and relish the oportunity to share that knowledge.

I moved on to setting up the brokerage and consultancy businesses 6 years ago. Without a doubt, I have loved working in this industry and continue to be a great supporter of it.


Phone: 07799 654 803

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Paul Manson

"I started off my invoice finance life as a humble data processor with a company called DCD Factors plc. That is where I met David who hired me way back in April 2000 and did so because, I quote "He bought me a pint". During my time there I learned a lot and the beauty of being in a small company you learn so many different roles such credit control, credit assessment, litigation, legal agreements, operations management and I.T systems. Bit of a Jack of all trades I here you say.


So now at IFC I don't do so much of the above however working for yourself requires another skill set such as marketing, social media, google, e-mail campaigning, website building, accounts (zzzzz) the list is endless. 


The bit about the job I love the most is helping businesses find a good finance partner and then from there they grow and become profitable. 


My hobbies and social life is quite varied, I am actively involved with athletics officiating and triathlon. I love to relax by playing my guitar and horse ride"



Mob: 07779 25097


Factor Assist Ltd

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